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Corporate Housekeeping

Our corporate housekeeping tools will enable your company to swiftly change your structure, nomination directors, shareholders deed.  We will also provide you with a cashplanning tool.  In a nutshell it will be a platform with a clear dashboard on how your company is structured, where did it come from and where it will go.

Almost one third of the companies go bankrupt in the first 3 years due to poor financial management.  Our cash planning tools will enable you to monitor on a day-to-day basis which investments your company can do and if the targets in your initial business plan are met.

Our online forms and tools will enable you to swiftly change your shareholders agreement, change directors, execute capital increase.

We will provide you with automated tax advise everytime a new regulation will pop up wich will enable your company to benefit from tax advantages.  Every time you want to start a new project you will also be able via our online tool to see if you eligible for grants