We help to create your company. manage your company. select the right company structure.

Smooth Incorporation.

Why we exist ?

You focus on the startup of the company in this crucial phase and we take care of the legal and administrative hassle of incorporation!

Connecting the dots is what we do.  We are your one single point of contact and take care of communication with the notary, bookkeeper, bank, enterprise counter. You can book your appointment directly via the smart calendar. 

Our intelligent questionnaire tells you if you (i) need to have a company and (ii) which company structure suits you best, (iii) our platform will further help you to manage your corporate housekeeping and to be compliant.





We advise you if you need to create a company or not and if so chose the most suitable company structure. Try our free questionnaire now !

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Incorporate Now

We help you to create your company from scratch and we are your one single point of contact.

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Corporate Housekeeping

We do your corporate housekeeping and notify you when something goes wrong.

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Do I need to start a company?

Sometimes you do not even need to start a company to work as a freelancer or start your activities !

If you do not need a company, you will have less administrative hassle.
Of course often you will need to create a corporate structure to protect your personal and family assets.

Find out by filling this questionnaire if you need one.

You will get a first flavour result. If you want a personal conversation after this first online consultation.

Please contact us !